Black Hole


Mass calling recording system for mobile phones or GSM. Designed, mainly, for government defense institutions and security agencies.

Black Hole is based on a centralized monitoring and listening system, high-quality audio (noise immunity), fast file stream and window filters. Scaleable from 30 to 128 remote controlled access channels, easy setup. It's able to register caller ID, time and date of events.

Anyone with minimal computer skills can operate project details at low cost.

Supervisor virtual

It is a digital platform for remote labor inspection.

The constant identification, observation, analysis and recording of work activities enables quality and performance aspects are fully quantifiable.

Automated systems


SpringLabs created for those who provide remote assistance.

The main objective of this product is to inform and keep our customers forewarned about any natural disaster. Likewise, users can access to a list of useful tips in situations like earthquakes, tsunami, storm, flood, fire, among other events.

 Serenades for you


It is an entertainment platform that allows you to schedule and send voice messages and songs. It consists of an IOS and Android application environment, a website as well as an administrative module.

106/5000 With Serenades for you there are no excuses to not offer a nice detail to that special person or, simply, express your feelings. Serenades never go out of style! Dedicated a song to fall in love, express your pain, congratulate or surprise your partner on that occasion special.

Our next-generation automaton dials the phone at the time and date chosen as the recipient answers, the selected song will play.

Active city


Platform for issuing and managing reports and citizen complaints. It is directed, mainly, to government institutions wishing to learn more about the everyday problems of citizens.

The platform takes advantage of the geolocation features of mobile devices and computers to find the exact location of the report.

 Spring Transport Administrator


It is a fleet management system transport. It is intended for transport companies. It allows daily activity reports, as well as manage and control inventory.


In SpringLabs we have developed automated systems, provided of AI and machine learning, for platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, web, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google assistant, Alexa, SMS and Cortana.

By using SpringBot, you will reduce the number of obstacles that users must go though to interact with your brand.



The call data records (CDRs) are files that contain information about calls or messages carried by a carrier

CDRs simulation shows the behavior of calls and messages from different carriers in different countries, such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Salvador, Bolivia and Nicaragua.